Stand By Your Truth

Mushrooms.  They’re just wrong on so many levels. You shouldn’t eat them or even look at them.  They are slimy and a fungus and just yuck.  They grow in my grass for goodness sake.  Ok so I know those aren’t the ones people eat but still.  Just no. Now, my husband looks at me like I have four eyes.  He likes them.  Ok fine, like them, but I’ll just never understand.  We are just gonna agree to disagree. 

Where am I going with this.  Sometimes we don’t need to convince everyone on what we feel or where we stand. It’s our truth that we stand upon and not others.  There will be some that disagree with you and that’s ok.  We don’t need to stare them down and convince them of what we feel they should believe or how to even feel.  Maybe I should take this a bit deeper than mushrooms.  I tell my story.  I share my struggles.  I unload ugly thoughts.  In all of that, some believe I should just shut up and move on.  Well, they aren’t the ones who I need to concern myself with.  Pretty sure Jesus would be my ultimate yay or nay of what’s happening in my life or what I’m deciding to do.  It’s also Jesus who calls us to speak truth, to share our wounds, to speak the ugly because someone out there has the same scars and doesn’t want to feel alone.  Now deep inside my flesh of flesh I would have a few words to speak to these lovely people but honestly, why?  Does it make me feel better?  Would it really solve anything besides put a wall between me and others?  We are all created with our own purpose and our own pathway in this life.  Christ has placed upon you and me a calling for what and who we are.  That’s what makes this world turn.  We are all unique, different. It’s a good thing.  If we can learn to listen and just step back a bit to see where the other is coming from, we may actually learn something. My biggest take away from situations like this would be acceptance.  Not just for the other person but also for yourself.  I started this out by saying, you can stand by your truth, you can stand by your experiences which cause you to have feelings that are different than those around you.  We all come from different places in our lives that tend to lean us in different directions. That’s totally cool.  We need to have confidence and self love enough to stand firm.  Not in a judgy, push it on others kind of a way, but in a way that allows you to open your heart to the fact that others have their truth too.  You see, there’s a softness that comes toward yourself and others when there’s acceptance inward. 

The grooviest part of this is we can all agree on one truth.  Jesus Christ as our ultimate Savior, our ultimate Truth, our ultimate Judge, our ultimate Peace.  When you really stand firm in that, everything else just falls into place. 

“Disagreements are unavoidable, but how you handle them can make all the difference.”

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