Do I Have Too?

Proverbs 29:22 & 23 (CEV)

“Angry people stir up conflict; hotheads cause much offense.  Pride lays people low, but those of humble spirit gain honor.”

My son walked into my room one night and ask, “Do you always use your computer in the morning?” Random, but I answered, “Yep.”  and he walked out. The next morning as I open my computer, there was a note and a Target gift card. Friends, I can’t even. He’s been a bit, lets just say, not so nice with his mouth lately and in that note he says, ‘I am sorry for all the times I hurt your feelings, love you.’ AND left me the gift card he got from his grandma for his awards at school.  Like, what? Now, don’t even think for a second I’m teaching my kids good things like this haha! I swear to you, if Jesus wasn’t flowing in their hearts we’d be a hot mess over here. Or at least more than we are already. Needless to say, I wrote like a book back to him because, well, as mom, you’ve got a lot of things you want to say back to that and lord knows he ain’t looking for a hug.  You’d be pushed across the room from a 12 yr old. Honestly, my heart was so full that if he were awake right now, I would immediately buy him a car. Just say’n.

So then I step back and I’m like, hmmmmm, how many times have I walked away from a convo and not realized how I’ve maybe really hurt them. How maybe my pride is getting in the way one too many times. How maybe I didn’t take a ‘humble spirit’ and instead I wanted to win. I wanted to make sure they knew they hurt me whether through the silent treatment, my own one liner digs, whatever it may be.  In the end, my son really convicted my heart. How we treat others shows what’s really happening in our heart right? Like, if I’m having ‘a day’ the world will know cause daggers will come fly’n at your face. It’s in that place though, we’ve gotta be careful. In that place is where we hurt the ones we love the most. Ugh! Even typing this I’m like, geez, sucking at this one. BUT, just like my son, it only takes a quick letter or a quick hug or a smile to undo some of the ‘oops I did it again’ moments. (You are totally singing Brittany right now he he)

We’ve all been there so it’s not like any of us are alone. We can work on it though, right? It starts with who or what annoys us, haha, just kidding.  It’s starts with looking internally at our own hearts, praying for Christ to soften them so we can go and lighten the load of someone else. Who could that be for you today?

‘Do your little bit of good where you are;  it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelms the world.’

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