Isaiah 43:1

“But now, says the Lord–the one who created you, Jacob, the one who formed you, Israel:  Don’t fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are mine.”

Secrets revealed, truth spoken, honesty said, so many avenues that the Lord has called us to walk through in order to live peacefully according to His plan for us. Yet there are times where these seem to backfire and instead cause unexpected pain, cause us to be not chosen.

Unless you were the #1, most popular, can’t touch me, wore MC hammer pants, had bigger hair then everyone else, knew every dance move, you, at some point, were not picked. Come on, I’m totally hitting a nerve right?  The WORST feeling ever. Ok, well, if you have never experienced this then just imagine what the majority of us felt. Last one in gym class or recess. Everyone standing there. Name after name being called and then they looked at you like, well, I guess I’ll pick you.  Ouch. Or when your group of friends at recess goes and pow wows under the slide or by the swings and they totally didn’t invite you. Boo! Fast forward to now. You saw a post of a party you weren’t invited too. You weren’t picked as the select girlfriend to go to dinner. I could go on forever right? I’ve recently felt this pretty deep. Actually if I’m being honest, I’m still working through these feelings. When truth, a secret was spoken and brought to the light, I thought I’d be the first one picked so to speak. For the first time in this relationship, I thought for sure they would cling to compassion and open a door toward me of understanding and complete acceptance.  When in reality, I’m still questioned. I wasn’t picked. My heart wasn’t number one for them. I wasn’t called to the top of the line. I wasn’t chosen.

So you sit in this fear, right? Did I do something wrong? Is there something wrong with me? Will anyone ever see me as important enough to be ‘picked?’ It’s Easter today or was Easter if you are reading this later on.  And guess what, He picked us! A to the MEN!!!! He chose me and he chose you. He decided to live because of us. He knows my name and yours. (Seriously sitting hear in tears right now cuz I evidently needed to hear this too)  We are #1 in His eyes. NOTHING and NO ONE else matters. I mean, don’t go around being all nasty and stuff to peeps but you know what I know what I’m saying.

Today just sit in the fact that He would pick you first for that basketball game in gym. He would choose you first over all other girls for a dance. Best part, He doesn’t give a rats tooshie on what you have done in your life. This is freedom!  Bask in that freedom today! Walk around like you are the ultimate bomb cuz let’s just face it, you are.

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