No You Didn’t

OMG!   You just saw a text come through and your mind is reeling.  Did they really mean to say that? There was no emoji with it.  Does that mean they are mad? They only responded ‘ok’. There are always a few people that stir you up right? Texting can always be the worst anyways.  You never really can grasp what anyone truly feels through it which leads you to believe the worst. Let me go back to the line I just wrote though. There are always a few people that stir you up RIGHT?  Hmmmm. Why do you allow that to happen? Obviously, we all do it and it’s so human, but we also need to step back and protect our hearts, our souls. 

My daughter got her haircut a few years ago.  I will never forget it. She came home so upset. One of her, so called friends, looked at her on the bus with her new haircut and said, ‘I need to turn around.  I can’t even look at your hair!’ WHAT?!!?!?!? Dude, don’t make this mama bear whip out her tattoos and make me come at ya. McKenna, my daughter, has such a sweet soul and all she could think of was how to make it right and what she did wrong.  Because getting a cute haircut was wrong? I can’t even. When she got home, she texted this friend, asking why she would say that AND continue to talk about her at school. Of course, she denied all of it. At first I was like, give me the phone and I’ll text her but then I cooled off,  put my big girl pants on, and had an honest convo with my girl. I told her that sometimes we just need to distance ourselves from people who just aren’t feeding our souls. Some are so broken and are dealing with their own pain, which is the only way they know how to treat others. It’s easier to hurt others then to build them up.  With people like that, you need to love from a distance. 

You see where I’m going with this.  It’s ok to take care of our heart and soul first. It’s also ok that there are seasons in our lives we can handle a lot and sometimes we can’t handle much. Your beauty, your worth does not get to be defined by a comment from another, or a look from someone, or a conversation that went south. Sometimes this world can leave us feeling kicked and beaten down, questioning our value but Christ stands up letting us know we are worth more than gold.  Psalm 19:10 “They are more precious than gold, than much pure gold; they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the honeycomb.”  

Yep, easier said than done, totally get it. Baby steps.  I tell myself that every day. The next time you feel a tinge in your heart over something that hits your gut hard, remember to take a deep breath and smile, yes smile.  Take back the power that is yours to have. This chapter of your life does not have to be defined by others but instead set in place by you and the one that created you. 

“Know your worth, then add tax.”

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