2 Timothy 1:7 (amplified)

“For God did not give us a spirit of timidity or cowardice or fear but of power and of love and of sound judgment and personal discipline.”

Fear is so powerful and not really in a good sense. It can destroy relationships and cause our lives to be put on hold. It freezes us. My third kiddo has a total fear of bridges.  When we drive over any bridge, he buries himself in his lap and we have to tell him when it’s over. Fear is paralyzing. It causes us to hide until it’s over. It takes over our minds and we begin to believe lies. When my anxiety was at its worst, I truly believed that my apartment was gonna burn down. I had a few plugs that were plugged into one outlet and by a curtain.  I had this whole picture in my head of what was gonna happen. It took over me for a long time and I didn’t sleep for days. Fear can take over us.

So now that I’ve totally depressed you, let’s turn this around a bit.  How do we deal with this? It’s not like fear is gonna go away any time soon.  It’s gonna rear its ugly head on a regular basis so what now. Well my solution is to just start taking meds so…….Just kidding! Well, not about me taking meds but obviously that’s not the end all of solutions. You’ve gotta deal with the fear head on. Friends, we cannot be afraid of what comes at us when we have the power over it in Jesus.  You also cannot decide that you will plow through it, shove it down, and not deal with it when it comes back around. Has that ever worked? Yea, no. Trust me! I’ve hid behind my bubbly, funny nature for way too long that it ate me alive inside. You need to show fear that you are better than it. You’ve gotta step outside of what’s going on and set your feet on truth. You’ve gotta get your head in the Word of Jesus. You gotta speak right at it. If we let fear keep controlling us, we will never be able to live to the fullest. Fear will NEVER be stronger than our faith or belief. Don’t give it that power. You know by this point in our blog relationship, that I’m ALL about the power that lives inside of us. You have it!!  You need to own it and tell fear to shove off! (trying to use nice words here) Stand tall and strong my friend because we have THE POWER!!!!!

Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid. Courage means you don’t let fear stop you.”

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