Don’t Even Say Those Words

Romans 8:1 (Amplified)

“Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

I can’t even type these two words without fiercely wanting to throw something because they wreak havoc in our lives!!!!!  Guilt and Shame. See, don’t you just want to throw up in your mouth? Ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic but the impact that happens when those two words exist is…….just not right.  We will leave it at that.

My life revolved around those two words for so so so long. Growing up in a christian home and having been sexually abused, left me so messed up. Did I do something wrong?  Why would this happen? I felt shameful of my body as I continued to grow up and full of guilt. I took on the guilt of what happened. But worse yet, these stupid two words crept into everything.  How I saw life, how I spoke, how I built relationships. I didn’t know how to stand tall and strong like a warrior in Christ, instead I stood defeated, worn, broken, and lost. Dude, the devil loves when we hurt. He loves it even more when we feel like we can’t get out. This was the crazy train that happened for years in my life which led to so many dark times. BUT…..because there’s always a but. I mean, we all have one…..ok!!!  Sorry! My kids are always like, mom, seriously, can you never just say something normal. Evidently not. I digress, and now I’m back.

I realized that God is not a God of guilt and shame. No one is putting this on me expect for me. AND i’m allowing something to control me that is like poison.  I’m honestly allowing evil to have a hay day in my life because, well, it was easier. It’s easier to feel defeat then fight. Guess what boys and girls……we fight’n today! Guilt and shame DO NOT belong in our lives. I repeat….guilt and shame DO NOT belong in our lives. There is no freedom when you are sinking with those two ugly things. We need to rid ourselves of the lies swirling in our heads.  In order to live in complete freedom, we need to stand on truth. Sure, we’ve all done stupid crap and we also have it done to us but guess what, Jesus doesn’t hang on to any of it and doesn’t even remember it so what in the heck is our problem!!!!

You are worth so much more than the heaviness that surrounds guilt and shame.  I don’t know if you are in a place where you’ve done something in the past that makes you hang onto these or if something was done to you.  I will tell you this, you are loved and you are not alone. You cannot move forward unless you release the power that guilt and shame have on you. Peace, love, rest…..these are waiting for you. Give a shout out to our Father and let Him know you are ready, ready to let go of ugly and jump into beauty.

“Don’t let shame and guilt keep you from receiving God’s love any longer.”

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