You Are Golden

It creeps in.  Whether we like it or not.  That nasty thing called comparison. I was never the skinniest girl on the block.  I was the one with the booty.  I had curves. Comparison goes even further then surface level though.  She’s a better mom, she has more drive, look at all the ‘likes’ she gets on social media, and I could keep going. Dude, it can mess with your brain and even more, bring you into a super big funk.  We begin to check ourselves.  We begin to think what we are doing or what we look like isn’t good enough,  doesn’t fit the mold of what everyone else is doing.  Is that what we really want though?  I totally get it.  I mean, I see one pair of arms that don’t have flags wagging underneath and I’m like, dude, how do you tone them so perfectly?  I mean , not that I don’t know that working out helps, which i should try sometime but still, you’re head just goes there. 

Again I ask, is that what we really want? You need to be you.  You need to follow your own path.  You need to follow your own super power. Here’s the thing, there is no one else like you and there shouldn’t be so stop trying to be someone else. What you do in this life is just as important as the person you see on the street all pieced together perfectly working on wall street. Gosh, this topic gets me fired up because it has broken me before and I’m sure it’s completely depleted you at some point or another.  When we get wrapped up in the lies of thinking we aren’t as good or as important as the person next to us, we find ourselves trying to be something we aren’t meant to be.  The coolest thing about God is that He made each one of us super unique.  He’s not this big guy upstairs that picks and chooses who’s gonna be taller or richer or more popular than the other.  It’s just not how He works. You are meant to walk this life with the perfect amount of class and charm that you have. You are exquisite. You are perfectly crafted for what is right in front of you today, right now. You are built to walk a life of gold with every ounce of you there is. The girl or guy next to you is the same.  Yes, it looks different and maybe in your eyes even better but guess what, they have struggles too and more than likely, they are looking at you thinking, wow, I want just a little bit of what they have.  

Own your all encompassing coolness my friend.  You are gifted.  Your are called.  You are perfectly unique in this world.  Your body is spot on.  Your mind is entangled with just the right amount of knowledge.  Your soul and spirit are soaring on the perfect path meant just for you.  

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

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