Press the Restart Button

Isaiah 43:19 (CEB)

“Look! I’m doing a new thing; now it sprouts up; don’t you recognize it? I’m making a way in the desert, paths in the wilderness.”

There comes a time when you just have to call it.  You can’t constantly live on the crazy train for forever ya know? Whether it’s in a relationship or a stupid habit or anything in life that just annoys you ha, sometimes you’ve gotta step back and say, I’m just gonna restart.  Gosh, there have been so many, like so so many times I have used the phrase ‘crazy train’. I mean, I can get away with it cause I’m literally on the crazy train with mental illness ha. (It’s ok, you can laugh at that. If you know me at all by now, I’m pretty real with all that. I mean, I joke about the fact that all knives in my house are dull. haha) Any who….. We are all on it at some point.  Doing the same crap over and over thinking it will work at some point when really, it’s making it worse. And what’s funny is in the middle of running in circles, we are praying to Jesus to fix it while still running the same track. Seriously, we’re crazy! 

Maybe it’s time we stop and decide to hit the restart button.  Maybe it’s time we shut everything down and reboot. Maybe it’s time to actually lose all the info that we’ve stored up so far thinking that it was gonna help us and start fresh.  Maybe it’s time we look at it with new eyes, The way that we’ve handled situations in the past isn’t working. Maybe the habit that you formed to cope like I did, is only getting worse.  Each day you wake up thinking, I’m gonna kick this today, when an hour later you are in the closet, knife in hand, or at the toilet, or screaming at the ones you love. It’s time to hit the restart button and it’s time to let Jesus hit it for you. It’s scary to let Him come into it cause you don’t know what His track for your train will look like right?  We like the control in our hands cause at least we can see where it’s going. BUT, it hasn’t gone so well so far so…..maybe just maybe it’s time to get off. 

How amazing is it that we have a Father that just hangs out waiting for us to just get off the train and run to Him.  He doesn’t shake His head or pull us off like, hey idiot, get off the train already! No! He’s patient, kind, and loves us right where we are at with no judgement whatsoever!  I’m thinking we need to trust him with our trains. What’s it gonna hurt? 

“When you let go you create space for better things to enter you life.”

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