Isaiah 41:13 (CEB)

“I am the Lord your God, who grasps your strong hand, who says to you, Don’t fear; I will help you.”

I came across this quote and I’m just chewing on it. “Yesterday is heavy.  Put it down.” Simple yet so so profound. I had it swirl in my brain all day. Actually, I was slightly excited to go to bed so I could wake up the next day just to put the day “down” ha. How many of those do we have that we need to release and walk away from yet we end up carrying with us.  We think about the day over and over again. Maybe how we should’ve done it better, how we hurt so bad that day, how this person treated us, how we ate that piece of cake. Maybe our one yesterday adds up to 100 yesterdays that we need to put down. Ugh! Maybe our yesterday really is years ago that we need to put down. Sometimes, maybe sometimes, we voluntarily carry too much. We know that we can put it down but for a variety of reasons, we choose to let it sit on our backs while we sink to the ground each day. I’m gonna go with, that’s gonna hurt after a while and it’s time. 

If we keep dragging our yesterday’s with us, how are we going to be present for our today or tomorrow. Yesterday is gonna eat away at us, right? This is the crazy part, by not putting it down, it really will only effect us and no one else so why the heck are we still carrying it.  AND we are able to go even a step further, we’ve got a great Big Daddy who will carry all of our yesterday and tomorrow’s till the end of time! Thank goodness cause Lord knows I’m gonna need it. WARNING: Real Time with Heather Follett is coming: There are still times every now and then, that I question if coming out with my sexual abuse about 2 years ago was the right choice.  It flipped relationships upside down like you wouldn’t believe and has made me put so many yesterday’s down that I may have to hand in my punch card. Ha. BUT here’s the kicker, we aren’t meant to carry anyone else’s yesterday or need to decide when they are supposed to put theirs down. That was, and still is, a hard one for me to learn. Speaking my truth was a HUGE and a heavy yesterday that needed to be buried and it’s not my job to set theirs down. We are to learn and grow in our yesterday and today’s in Christ and leave the rest to Him. 

“Yesterday is heavy, put it down.” Let that sink in today. Pray it through. Allow it to be a healing in your heart. Allow it to lighten you, to bring peace inside your soul.

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