So….He Likes Me?

Acts 15:11

“But we believe that we are saved through the (precious, undeserved) grace of the Lord Jesus (which makes us free of the guilt of sin and grants us eternal life), in just the same way as they are.”

Grace. It’s a crazy thing in this relationship with Jesus.  It was a hard one for me to wrap my mind around. So, what you are saying is that God loves me so much that He gives me this thing called grace? I don’t have to like jump through any hoops, or do these 10 things in order to receive this gift? And through this grace, I get to live in peace and joy because He is resting inside of me, directing me, loving me, and encouraging me?

Ok, so hold the phone. It’s just not normal. That’s what I was saying years ago, trying to get my mind around what this was all about. I grew up in a Christian home, but I would say through the deep steps of life, that’s where I really came to know Christ more personally. My issue was, as I was going through difficult times, so many would be like; ‘just lean into the grace of Jesus.’ What?! Are you speaking English?  So I needed to do a little soul searching on this one and you know what I came up with? Yes, God loves me but more importantly, God LIKES me. Hang tight, let me explain. You can love someone and totally not like them. You can love someone and be like, I’ll look at you from afar cause there ain’t no way I can put up with you right now. But when you really like someone, you want to hang with them, you can’t wait to see their face, to have a conversation, to learn more about them.  They bring you happiness and joy so you want to give it back to them. THIS is how Christ sees us and the relationship we have with Him. He totally digs us. He wants to hang out, hear our thoughts, have coffee, listen to us swear when we are pissed, laugh with us. Because of this kind of relationship, he wants to give us the gift of grace so that the relationship can just keep on growing and we can also know Him more. I mean, that’s some deep, good stuff right there.

Grace is meant to live inside of you while you walk this crazy thing called life. The reality of it is, faith and grace are gonna be your ‘go to’ when it comes to walking this road.  We need to keep believing through our faith and keep grace at the forefront. We screw up, ok, I screw up, cause maybe you are perfect ha but because he gives us this gift, we are able to move forward in love towards ourselves and others.  Instead of beating ourselves up over the stupid crap we do, right?

He really does like you, He really does LOVE you. Can you accept that today?  Can you really allow yourself to be loved like that? Cause you are worth it!

“God allows us to feel the frailty of human love so we’ll appreciate the strength of His.” C.S.Lewis

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