And You Too….

Psalm 55:6 (CEB)

“I say to myself, I wish I had wings like a dove!  I’d fly away and rest!”

You deserve the best too. We all are allowed to desire good things for ourselves. Stop feeling guilty for that! I think many of us want what is best for others and in others but in turn, we push ourselves aside and somehow make it ok to push down our own deep desire or needs.  Nope, not ok. We have worth. We are just as important as our children, husbands, wives, or the man on the street. We allow guilt, which is not of Jesus, to creep into the internal work of our minds and next thing you know, we are pushing aside anything that has to do with us first.  Even if it’s taking a nap, hey, it’s needed at times! 

I’m guilty, in the most unhealthy way, with this.  I almost think I do it because thinking of myself feels scary and like unknown territory. I don’t think I even realized the deep desire I had and needed to have in order to heal to the core from the abuse, cutting, and so much more.  I assumed you just carry the ugly and focus on what’s around you. Well, then we hit this numbing of ourselves and shifting all focus onto others. It’s natural and feels good to do things for others, but when it’s all we focus is on, we sink.  We aren’t really good for anyone because we’ve got nothing left. I know us, because, well, I have a friendship with all of you and you just didn’t know it, ha. We think that we are serving others by constantly putting them first which, do not get me wrong, it is important.  We can’t be all walking around letting people fall into the street or not change our kids diaper and stuff. No bueno. Friend, you are a priority too. Allow that to sink in. Your rockstar worthy self needs to be filled with what drives you and also needs a time of rest. When we don’t give ourselves time, our stress level goes up, we stop taking care of us, maybe we stop going to therapy, or stop exercising, or stop going to coffee with a friend, we aren’t journaling anymore, we are losing sight of Christ, we are just too plain exhausted to even think. Even our sweet Lord needed and CHOSE to have a day of rest and He did that so we could see also, it’s important. We need time to step back and find out what makes our hearts tick too.  Not just everyone else’s. 

If you could have one day that you had no responsibilities at all, what would you do? What is one thing you could do to add to your day that would be just for you? Take some time and listen.  Listen to what your heart needs, to what your body needs, and to what Jesus is telling your soul.

“Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.”

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