Honest to Gosh Truth

Proverbs 11:3 (CEV)

“If you do the right thing, honesty will be your guide.  But if you are crooked, you will be trapped by your own dishonesty.”

Being truthful, honest, and real about life and our emotions is huge for me in our household.  Hiding emotions or shoving them in is not happening, I don’t care if the house gets torn apart with anger, it needs to come out.  It’s interesting through the years to watch Quinn, my high functioning autistic boy, learn emotions. There are some he just can’t handle or understand. He hates…HATES when anyone is crying or sad.  Like literally gets angry. It’s an emotion that he just can’t quite wrap is mind around so his ‘go to’ is always anger and frustration. Hence why we’ve had holes in the walls and a shattered iPad.  The boy is strong! So needless to say, I’ve had to approach emotions with each child differently yet with the same truth. 

Before my podcast game out, telling my full story, I wanted to make sure I sat the kids down and told them…….everything. There was no way in God’s green earth they were gonna hear it from someone else’s lips. They knew bits and pieces but didn’t know about the sexual abuse or the trying to commit suicide piece.  The cutting….i think they knew or they said they were wondering about the scars on my arms after I shared it all with them. I mean, when your momma just keeps going back for more tattoos, maybe you start to think somethings up. Ha! Or that she really loves them, which is also true. 

I sat my 3 oldest down, knowing that my 4th wasn’t ready for it, and began from the beginning until today. They were amazing. Had great questions.  Asking about sexual abuse in general, cutting and why, understanding how I got so low that I didn’t want to be here anymore, things like that. My one boy was funny, he’s like, did you ever use a machete?  Ummmm…..no kiddo cause then I’d have no limbs. Love it! In the end, one said, this really DID bring you closer to God, didn’t it? Can I get an AMEN!!! They get it! My story is about the healing Christ has done in my life.  And because I’ve been so real and honest with them, they see the struggles and will see the struggles of life but will know, God wins in the end! 

Honesty is so so powerful! The realness of what life is right now is just truth.  The more we embrace and sit in the honesty of where we are at brings about freedom. The more we come before God with where we are at with him, or a truth that needs to be spoken in a relationship, or maybe it’s honesty about ourselves, the more real the truth of Christ can sit inside of us. Fear can play a huge role in not allowing truth to set us free. Fear is a liar. It will destroy. Be real, be honest, be truthful to yourself and with those close to you. Your heart will then be open to another deep level of healing and restoration in your life.

“Truth and honesty will set you free.”

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