Space is Needed

Isaiah 30:15b(NLV)

“Your strength will come by being quiet and by trusting.”

Distance.  Remember when you would have a boyfriend or girlfriend and they would  be like, I think we just need a little time apart. Maybe then we can come back together and it will be better. Yea, ok.  Or really you are just breaking up with me in a more gentler form, or so you think. Dirty Dog.(Insert eye roll please) Distance. 

 It is needed sometimes.  We’ve all been there. Whether in a relationship, in a conversation, for a few hours, a week, maybe years. There are times to my kids I’ll be like, you just ticked me off, now you need to get out of my face for a few. Can I get a ‘Right?!’  In that distance though, what are we seeking and how are we learning. What is Christ teaching us and what is His/our desire in it? Do we expect miracles that just aren’t obtainable? Are we open to our heart being able to change? Sometimes it’s meant to teach us to shut our mouths or maybe that distance is for the other person. In the end, I’m learning that it’s ok.  God does stuff in the distance. I think when we entangle ourselves in a situation too much, we ruin it. Ha. We end up seeing things only through our eyes. With so much truth coming out from my past and some not understanding or accepting or whatever, there ended up being a lot of distance. Some I didn’t choose to be there yet you know what I’m noticing? I’m growing stronger inside of me. It’s allowing me, or maybe making me, have some serious confidence in myself and who I am in Christ.  The distance allows us to loosen the rope, to realize that it’s not ours to control. It really never was. Now, this does not give you/us permission to go and hide from the world in a far far away place. Although it does sound super lovely doesn’t it? But it does give you permission, in your heart, to accept the distance. Allow it to exist. 

 We do need to be careful though that we ourselves aren’t distancing others because of fear or whatever other nasty thing that’s growing in our hearts. It’s easy to just shut down, ha, I’m typing this and I’m like, ya think Heather?  So me….on so so many levels. I always, like always, have to ask myself, am I doing this to hide or do I really need the distance? Friends, it’s all just another step in healing. Another place where Christ wants to get us to and hang out with us a little more. Sometimes He purposely creates distance so that we will listen to Him.  So that we will go to HIM instead of everyone or everything else. Shoot! I may need to reread this one a few times. He’s totally kicking me in the butt this morning with this one. Ha! 

“Sometimes you need to distance yourself to see things clearly.”

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