Not Anymore

I Chronicles 16:11

“Trust the Lord and his mighty power. Worship him always.”

We went to my mother in laws 75th birthday party the other day. She had a table of precious ladies from their building where they live.  I mean, the kind of ladies that if you went up and sang in front of church, completely bombed it, they’d be like sweetie, that was the most beautiful Jesus sound I have ever heard.  Completely precious. They were sitting around the table by my MIL while opening gifts and telling me how much they loved me. Now, I’m sure my lovely MIL has only told the good things about me but hey, I’ll take it. Ha. They just kept going, making me feel like I was it! They were so sweet and literally wanted to take my youngest home with them.  Well, I mean, he does have the best dimples in town so………

When I was on my way home, I started thinking about how I would completely hang with them for the rest of my life.  No need for reality, just some ladies hanging out, drinking coffee, doing their thang, telling me how great I am. Then my brain kept going, of course, how many times do we end up staying at a table where we aren’t wanted. Many times it’s because we desperately want to be or we are desperately seeking their approval some how.  How many times do we sit at a table and know that they are gonna talk about us as soon as we leave. Not the uplifting, you’re amazing, she’s so great, kind of talking but the kind you know they are saying some nasty something about something behind your back. Not any more. Let’s decide together that we aren’t gonna sit at a table where we aren’t wanted or where we know when we get up, they are gonna talk ugly. We can’t change people.  I know, big news here, but it’s true. We can’t change what people think or feel or what kind of nasty thoughts are happening in their heads but WE can take charge of our own situation and not put ourselves there. So often we are trying to see the good in others or the fact that maybe this time around they will see what they are doing. Friend, that’s awesome and you should see the goodness in everyone but we can’t be conformed or be wrecked by the outcome of what they decide. We can love and accept but it needs to happen inside of us first in order to love and accept what happens around us. Sometimes we are just constantly seeking approval from others or those we think are important.  When we turn that off and look up at the approval of Jesus, you don’t even need to question it anymore. Like, approval happened before you were even born when it comes to Him. 

You, we deserve more than any words spoken after we get up from the table.  Your value rests in the beauty of your soul and no one can take that away from you.  Christ has called you His beloved child and when you are in a situation where you don’t feel loved like that, you run, and you run fast.  No one gets to take your value away, they can’t, not when it’s given by a King. 

“Don’t worry about other people’s opinions of you.  God never told you to impress people; only to love them.”

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