I Thought I Fixed You

Mark 10:27 (Amplified)

“Looking at them, Jesus said, ‘With people, it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God.’”

Why does it keep coming around?  Do you ever have a thing that you swear you conquered and it rears its’ ugly head yet again…..and again….and again?  Like what the heck? I don’t even have enough fingers or toes to start counting. There are times when I’m like, I’m 42 years old and why in the world do I still struggle with the longing for sharp objects or why do I want to hide in a corner all day cause my hair didn’t work out right? I mean, we’ve all experienced moments when we had complete freedom for like, 2 minutes, ha, then bam, the negativity starts again. I think, am I gonna have this problem forever? Am I always gonna be angry with my body, or want to cut when things hit the fan, or have a sharp tongue?

The answer might be yes.  I mean, whether these lovely issues keep rearing their head or new ones start to emerge, we are gonna have things to fix.  Ones that will feel like they are taking over our lives and others that are just a sliver we need to pull. Here’s the thing though, we believe in a God that can do the impossible.  Especially when we feel like these are all completely impossible to overcome. Now, the typical line here would be, just give it over to God. I’m not saying that this isn’t true, you should, but I don’t feel like it’s not that easy and also, it looks different than just giving it over to him. It’s not really giving it to him, it’s surrendering it.  It’s waving the white flag and being like, I need to not own this anymore and I need for You to take it. See, we want to hold onto it for some reason, whether it’s a control thing, or a ‘dude, I got it’ thing but that’s gotten us nowhere, right? It doesn’t mean that surrendering the ‘thing’ makes it disappear. It does though open the door for him to show you a new way to ‘fix’ it. We need to get out of our heads and allow Christ to do the impossible.  It’s scary, cause we have a way we think that it should be fixed and His way may be different but again, friend, it’s still coming around. Pretty sure you and I are sucking at fixing it and we need to wave the flag. Now, it doesn’t mean that you surrender and this magical moment happens where it’s gone forever BUT you begin to feel like you aren’t alone. Jesus has this way of entering into the crap and putting his hug around your heart. That’s peace.  We need that in order to release the control.

“You fill find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy.”

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