You Feel Me?

Matthew 11:28

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavily burdened and I will give you rest.”

Picture it…..Spring Break, millions of people, water park, 4 kids, the end! I’m gonna be real here too, hubby and I already are in a not so awesome spot in life so let’s just add that to this amazing trip that’s about to go down. Bottom line, we got there on day 1 and left on day 2. The plan was to stay 3 days but that wasn’t happening.  Words went down, feelings were hurt, it affected our kids in a way they didn’t realize, and I was just done. We packed up from the resort and were out but everyone was hungry so we stopped at a restaurant before hitting the road. I was pretty hurt and sat in silence. This time around I just couldn’t put a game face on for them. Even it I did, they would see through it. Needless to say, when mom is silent, everyone is silent (eye roll here). The waitress even said how we all looked really down and tired. Ugh! 

Finally my daughter asked, are you guys ok? I was like, nope, not ok. We openly talked through it as a family and were able to drive home with no awkward silence ha!  You’ve totally been there right? 

I bring this story up because there are many of us that are the feelers of the room. I’m one of them and my daughter is too.  You can walk into a room or situation and know exactly who is having a bad day, what group is totally too cool for school, who is feeling super depressed, and just overall heaviness or lightness that is in the air. The tendency though, being a feeler, is to take on everyone’s emotions.  We feel like we need to fix or help all the bad mojo that’s floating in the room. Nope. Not our job. I’m giving you permission to stand in the room with a big tent around you. You may be the ‘go to’ person for everyone which is beautiful. It means your heart and soul are comforting and you allow peace to flow through you, BUT, you need to make sure that peace is still connected to you and therefore you enjoy it as well. Don’t allow it to be sucked dry and next thing you know you are left with the heavy weight of others. This is the reason we have a great big God.  We can love and listen but we don’t need to carry. We need to release it so that the heaviness for you and them is completely handed over to Christ. We think that fixing for others is a good thing….well…..not so much. One, it enables them and they will be back for more. Two, we can’t play God. It just isn’t our role. 

Now, don’t be going around with your fingers in your ear saying, ‘lalalala’, ignoring life around you.  Ha! We are called to have empathy for one another and deep compassion. Those around us, for the most part, are not asking us to take on their pain, they just want someone to listen. I’m constantly teaching my daughter this as she continues to build relationships. Sit with them, listen, pray, love, and then release it. 

“I may not be able to solve all of your problems, but I promise you won’t have to face them alone.”

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