Pick Your Poison

Isaiah 55:8 (AMP)

“‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,’ declares the Lord.”

I read this verse and I’m like, thank goodness.  We would be in some serious trouble if my thoughts were Jesus thoughts.  This world would be one heaping hot mess of crazy. But that second part, ‘nor are your ways My ways.’  Hmmmm……got me thinking a bit. What ‘way’ are we going that maybe isn’t His way. AND, is there something special up His sleeve that I’m not seeing?  Maybe I keep on truckin my way because it’s the smooth path. I would be taking a huge leap of faith if I really dug into what His way is. It’s a bit scary, isn’t it?  Yet it could totally change your life. 

This ‘way’ that Jesus may have for your life could be a million different things.  Does it have to do with a relationship? A job situation? Maybe setting up some boundaries where needed? Moving? Speaking up? What has been tugging on your heart that you are like, I know I should be heading that direction but I think I’m gonna pee in my pants if I do.  That’s the way Jesus wants you to go then. He has an extra pair of underwear when you start walking His path. Ha! Can I be real? Sure I can cause you aren’t here to stop me anyways. (wink) I like to stay in my ugly path. I’ve mentioned this before but I don’t have an issue with change unless its inside of me. I like to think I know how to figure it out my way.  Yea, hasn’t gone real well so far! Between cutting, trying to commit suicide, and the list goes on, I’m thinking he’s trying to show me something. We don’t get to pick and choose which way of His we like and will do and which one we won’t. He’s the Chief and in total and complete honesty, His way is best. How many times have we started walking down our path and we get bombarded by nasty bugs and mean critters. 

Here’s what’s crazy and how we know we are on the right path.  Inside of you, there’s this peace and stillness. Although the road He has for us seem ridiculously mind-blowing, as soon as you step foot on it, your heart changes.  Everything begins to fall into place. You love different, speak different, enjoy life more, it just works. Why do we question it? Because we have issues. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.  Although if we didn’t, I wouldn’t have anything to write about! ANYWAYS, back to the point. Follow the yellow brick road Jesus has planned out for you. Just go and ask Him if you are on the right one.  Promise you, He will make it crystal clear. He wants what’s best for you. He has amazing things in store for your life. It’s time to grab that extra pair of underwear and start your journey. 

“Just because God’s path isn’t always understandable, doesn’t mean it’s not the right path.”

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