Don’t Stop Believing

Mark 9:23 (MEV)

“Jesus replied, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”

Before my daughter started High School this year, we walked through her schedule like a billion times (I know some of you can relate). Of course, it took a bit to get the locker open but when we did, we had accessories to put in. One of the days we walked through, it was just my daughter, my middle son, and me.  Kenna hung all of her goodies in her locker and Reilly, my son, was like, hold up, I need to write something. “You’ve got this! BELIEVE!” -Reilly your bro 8/15/19. I almost died. I ALMOST DIED. My heart was about to explode and tears were heading down stream but obviously I had to keep my cool. I was in a high school.  I mean, come on people. You step into one and next thing you know you are right back in it, mentally, emotionally, all of it. So instead I was like, yea, woohoo, yea, what he said, fist pumping in the air and trying to be cool. Didn’t work, but I tried. Ha. Reilly said, ‘you’ve gotta keep this up all four years.’ Now just peel me off the floor. McKenna was obviously loving it and was like, well of course. 

Do you believe?  In your gut of guts, do you believe?  Do you believe it’s gonna be ok? Do you believe that the hardship will turn to strength and blessing?  Can you walk the hallways of your life believing? I found it so interesting that Reilly put BELIEVE after ‘You’ve got this!’ He knows my daughter so well.  She will put this ‘I’m ok’ thing up all the time when deep down believing is the last thing she’s able to do. I know you are right there with her because some days, so am I. Believing is the last thing I feel like doing and throwing in the towel may be there first.  My kids have asked a few times since telling my whole story to them, how are you ok? How did you get through all of that? How did you not cut anymore or not be upset about the abuse etc? I was like, ummm, you’ve seen me upset still. I was real and honest with them. I’m not always ok.  I have days where it’s still hard BUT I slowly began to realize there’s been this strength inside of me all along and I just needed to believe and stand in it. 

We aren’t always ok friends.  It’s ok to not be ok but it’s not ok to stop believing.  Sorry not sorry. Christ is standing next to you like, stop carrying this alone. Believing that you’ve got strength to carry on is one thing, but to believe you’ve got strength through Jesus is a whole other beast to be reckoned with. When my daughter goes back to look at this sign when she’s not ok, the pain or hardship won’t disappear, but somewhere inside, she’ll pull strength to keep going. Not because she has too, but because she knows she is loved and she CHOSE to believe. Believe me when I say, you are so loved even when your not ok. Reach down and pull up that belief. It may be buried but it’s there.

“Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will.”

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