A Wall is Needed

Psalm 74:17 (CEB)

“You set all the boundaries of the earth in place. Summer and winter? You made them

Boundaries are needed.  The End. I had not understood the extreme importance of them until after I had spoken my truth about the sexual abuse that happened to me as a little girl. I spoke in a previous devo about the loneliness that came after speaking out that really surprised me. Man, my heart just kept getting ripped up by how people were responding or what they thought I should do or say etc.  The other day, I was surrounded by some, and left reeling with pain and in tears all the way home and you know what my kids said as they are hugging and loving on me? ‘Mom, if they make you feel that way, then we just shouldn’t be around them.’ Well crap! There ya go. My kids get it so why the heck am I not standing on my boundaries when needed. 

See, boundaries exist to protect our hearts. It’s also to protect the relationship of those you need to put a gate around. So when I came across this verse I was like, see, God even made boundaries for the earth.  I mean, He told the ocean to only go so far so that the land could be seen. He made the Seasons, stopping them at some point so the next one could start. Although, I think in Chicago, he made Spring and Fall a bit too short or maybe we just didn’t get the memo. Ha. You see where I’m going with this though. If the God of the Universe understood and really made the idea of boundaries, it’s ok that we choose to set them up too. We are fearful of hurting the other person, or afraid everyone will walk away once we place a few lines in the sand but it’s not truth. And honestly, I’m speaking to myself here too cause this one is hard, if they can’t respect them and aren’t able to still love you through them, they shouldn’t be in your life. There are moments of pain and negative actions that come from others and radiated onto us.  It’s not necessarily their fault cause we do it too but that’s why the idea of having a boundary is so real and needed. We can’t heal and move forward in life if we are constantly brought back down. This also doesn’t mean that these boundaries will be up forever. Maybe it’s just for a time, but in the end, you need to love and respect yourself enough to set up a divide between yourself and that which is damaging your heart and soul. In the end, Jesus will protect the hearts of all that are involved. 

Ask yourself, what do I need?  Do I feel supported and loved? Am I supported in my faith and beliefs? Do I feel responsible for someone else’s happiness? Really sit back and pray, evaluate where you are right now emotionally. You deserve just as much blessing and happiness as the next person. Boundaries are healthy and you are a Rock star. And scene…….

“Having healthy boundaries is a form of self-love and self-respect.”

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