Pass or Fail, Black or White

Jeremiah 6:16 (CEB)

“The Lord proclaims; Stop at the crossroads and look around; ask for the ancient paths.  Where is the good way? Then walk in it and find a resting pace for yourself”

Black or white, pass or fail.  I’m sorry, did you say there’s a middle ground?  Yea, I suck at that. That grey area, that place where you are supposed to allow yourself to maybe pause a bit or think deeply or maybe there’s actually not an answer; nope don’t know where that is, BUT I should and I’m working on it.

I have a tendency to try something or maybe better myself in a certain area and then as soon as I make one little mistake, BAM, I’m out, I failed. I made a mistake and now I look at myself as one.  The world has officially come to an end until I get out of my funk. It doesn’t help that we are in a society where it’s all or nothing, skinny or fat, rich or poor, I mean the list goes on forever. Embracing who we are with flaws is not a normal thing in this world.  Normally there is this constant pressure to ‘get better’ at whatever is holding us back.

That all being said, take a deep breath and know, it’s ok to be just ok. It’s ok to have days where you are just floating through.  Nothing too major. Actually, it’s kind of refreshing. Now, I’ve only had one or two of these moments in my 42 years of existence (ha) but when I did, they were alright, I survived. I ping pong constantly through life and I’m weary of it and you may be too.  When things are ‘white’, we are good, happy, content. But then things can head ‘black’ quickly and we’ve officially hit the rock bottom. Lately, I’ve been pondering this and nature. God created darkness and deep stormy skies. He also created beautiful sunny skies with big fluffy white clouds. It’s all his beautiful creation. WE are His beautiful creation and He doesn’t want us living in this crazy mind game. Yes, there are things that are right and wrong. Don’t end this devo and be like, well, Heather said to live in the grey so today I’m not making any decisions. (Although, your kids would love me!) Truth be told, that sounds good sometimes right?  Reality is, grey area can be rejuvenating, peaceful, and ok to be in. I find I allow second chances in the grey, I’m more patient,, the expectations of life aren’t so heavy. We always think we’ve gotta fix something, fix someone, fix ourselves, and when it doesn’t go according to plan, blackness sets in and ugly rears its head.

So my challenge for you is to allow yourself to sit in the grey. Speak it out loud today at some point. Maybe you start to get worked up about a situation or a challenge headed your way, you say, I’m gonna hang in the grey. I’m gonna rest in Him.  Allow yourself to come down from the game and breath.

“Don’t define your world in balck and white because there is so much hiding amongst the greys”

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