Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Seriously, what day is it? Ha! The sun came out, praise Jesus. So maybe I lost it the other day. Tears came. It’s all just so overwhelming. More because of the uncertainty of what’s in front of me. Am I doing enough for my kids? Do they feel safe? And the questions keep going. Kenna and I were doing one of my fav songs together. I love when she plays the ukulele. We messed up a bit in the beginning (you’ll see our smiles) and I wasn’t gonna post it because if my perfectionist issues. Ya know what though, mistakes are gonna happen. There’s no right or wrong in this place that we are all in. Also, McKenna said, use it, look at our smiles and fun together. She’s right. We, I needed to go back to the truth and what’s really important. So today, just today, look at the smiles around you, feel love, and continued say, Gods got this.

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