Stop the Noise

John 8:32 (CEB)

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Seriously people, I have issues.  Maybe you can relate. Like, honestly, tell the noise to get out of my head. Do you feel like sometimes it just runs you over? Things like this, ‘Oh man, that was a stupid answer’ or, ‘You totally should’ve have said that.’ Now you go and write a 10 paragraph text explaining why you are apologizing for something she/he probably doesn’t even remember.  And NOW you fret over the fact that they think you are crazy for even bringing it up. Please Lord tell me I’m not alone in this hahaha. Just give a little ‘Amen.’ while you are reading and I’ll fist pump you in the air.

I recently came to find, after talking with a few friends, that not everyone has this noise happening in their head which just floors me. I can’t remember a day in my life where I didn’t have a critical thought going through at some point about something. It very easily can swallow me up and leave me to feel alone and secluded because I start to believe what it’s telling me. This will surprise so many, I know.  On the outside, I have a very happy go lucky nature which don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a happy go lucky time and that IS me all laughing with you and stuff but internally, there’s a constant war taking place. I’ve really like REALLY had to speak into it and allow Christ to literally scream into it. I’m sure you’ve been there because you’ll have something like this in your head…… ‘I so shouldn’t have cut my hair, so stupid.’ and not two seconds later will someone come up to you and be like….oh, you cut your hair (Insert blank face!) SEE, my head voice was right!  Ha! And we think about it for forever until our hair grows back. Ok, maybe not that long. Probably until the next crazy thought takes over. This all being said, there is hope my friends!! I repeat, there is hope! I’m sure as heck not perfect at it all the time but what I’m trying to do more and more is look at the facts. Set aside the emotions for a second and truly look at the facts. Is what is happening inside my head really truth from God. Does is make me feel peaceful and whole? Or does it make me feel sad, guilty, nasty……If what we are thinking aren’t thoughts that make us want to get up each day and live life to the fullest, then we need to run those suckers to the ground and fast!  

It literally comes down to, what are we going to believe. What are we grounded to. Are we going to define ourselves by truth that will set our hearts free or by lies that will sink us and weigh us down. Our minds are a powerful thing but in the end, we choose where that power sits. 

“Never underestimate the power of God.”

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