Perfect Timing


Proverbs 15:23 (Common English)

“To give an appropriate answer is a joy; how good is a word at the right time!”

Friends, our lives are a roller coaster right? There are days and months that we are just sitting in junk and then there are moments that things are actually going in a good direction.

My youngest is 8.  He is ridiculously creative.  Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a fly on the wall in his brain. Well, he gave me a glimpse at a perfect time. The weeks before this story just hadn’t been easy.  Heaviness just lurked and I’m worn. My son and I were in the car on the way home from his school. I, of course, was complaining (because I’m crabby!) about bugs being around the car and telling him to not let them in as he opened the door. He gets in the car and says, Mom, I ate a bug while I was swimming at my friends house one time. Me:  Ummmm….that’s gross! My son: Well actually it totally fills you up because bugs are protein. (The things we never knew right? It will be the new diet, you just wait!) He continues: Yea, I remember that I came home full and if I didn’t eat that bug, I would’ve been hungry. He says: Did you know that 1 bug has as much protein as ½ a hot dog!!!

That’s it……I’m dying laughing at this point. I turned around and was like, Cooper, I love you so much!  He had the perfect words for me at the perfect time. I didn’t realize how desperately I needed a good laugh and just an innocent story about a bug. You know you are laughing right now and just for a second, life feels a little lighter.

I was thinking how important that is in our lives.  How there are so many times we have friends and loved ones speak the exact words we need at the perfect time.  How we can open His word and the perfect verse jumps out at us. I want to soak that in more. I want to be that person for others. I want to look around me and see that Christ is showing me perfect answers with the joy of my children’s laugh, or a good glass of wine with a friend, or His beautiful creation that’s right in front of me, or getting another tattoo (I mean, right?!) I want to sit more in the joy of what He provides for me with unexpected words or with no words at all. We’ve all experienced it!  It’s there, we, or actually, I’ll speak for myself, have a tendency to sit in the hardship or harsh words and experiences when the appropriate and unexpected gifts are right there to grab.

Darkness is too easy to sit in.  It always looks so big and feels so heavy. Instead let’s continue to lean in towards the lightness of life.  Lighten someone’s load today with some words of encouragement or a text to let them know you are there. It just might be the good word they needed just at the right time.

“Look for something positive in every day, even if some days you have to look a little harder.”

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