I Don’t Think That’s You

Psalm 139:14 (CEV)

“I praise you because of the wonderful way you created me.”

I’m not meant to be on a sports team, just so you know. Ask my kids. I can encourage and scream like you know what from the side lines but actually on a field….yea no.  I’m not sporty. I can run, or dance because I’ve got rhythm, but when I’m suppose to do things with a ball and stuff, it’s where it stops. I tried when I was younger. I went to a private school so really when you tried out for things, you made it.  Whether you ended up sitting on the bench the whole time or not. It’s called acceptance through your not so good sporty self. I encompassed that. Pretty sure they had t shirts for us folk in the back that had numbers like 1 ½ , 2 ½, haha

I think sometimes we all try and be something we aren’t. Feeling like maybe we are supposed to be this or that because of the people around us or what others have said. I’ve had jobs where I’m like, what was I thinking.  Who am I kidding, just having a job in general I’m like, what am I thinking. Hahaha. Being something we aren’t gets us into trouble, quickly. I truly believe we all have different and unique purposes for this life that God has created and once we step out of that, it gets hairy. I tried for a bit to be a working mom outside of the home.  Oh heck to the no. I have NO CLUE how you wonderful moms do it. I know some of you have no choice and some of you need it in order to get away from the craziness of the home but I literally turned more crazy, if that’s possible. It’s ok though. Embracing and understanding what we can and can’t do or what we can and can’t handle allows freedom to walk in our own life.  We then don’t feel like we need to do it all because we aren’t supposed to. Being something that we aren’t will only cause us bitterness and frustration. It’s easy to assume we need to be something we aren’t because…well….’everybody’s doing it.’ Ha. Maybe having our own opinion or doing our own thing sets us apart from many. Well, so what? I just had someone definitely have their own opinion and say to me, ‘I don’t really like tattoos on people at all, but they look ok on you.’ Ummmmm……(enter thinking face) but he has his thoughts and I totally rock tattoos so we are good. If you saw what he looked like and he tried tats, we both would be like, I don’t think that fits you fine sir. 

To me, this is more than a, ‘you are unique and special’, moment.  Don’t get me wrong, you know I think you all are, BUT this is more of a, ‘you are not her/him so stop it’, moment. Be you. Figure out what that is and be it, rock it, work it, sort it out, and kill it. You will tick people off by how you think or act or feel or talk sometimes.  People may question you because you love Jesus. People may look at you funny cause you have pink hair, oh wait, that’s me! Hehe. Dude, Jesus loves it. He LOVES it. He’s so proud of what He created. He’s so so so proud of you. Rise and shine friends because it’s time to own this day! 

“Fearlessly be yourself”

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