You Gotta Use It

I Peter 4:10

“And serve each other according to the gift each person has received, as good managers of God’s diverse gifts.”

So my hidden talent is, I can sound like the lion from The Wizard of Oz.  I’m gonna go with that when God talks about using our gifts. Joking! As I’ve mentioned before, music is the gift that God blessed me with but I had a moment of real struggle. Like, is that it?  Do I have any other gifts? Do we only get one and go with it? Do I like anything else? That feeling of, there’s more and maybe I’m missing it. My gift was used at different points of my life which made me turn around and not want it anymore or use it. I had to sit back and really figure out what it meant to me. Was I using music to constantly please others or was I using it to fulfill my heart and God’s direction for me?

What is your passion?  What is your gift? There can be more than one but you’ve gotta use it.  It could be music, cooking, something businessy (yea, I can’t even describe what that would be cause I don’t function well on that side of my brain.), hospitality, encouragement, fitness, health, leadership, being a mom,  I mean, the list can go on forever but you need to find what makes you tick. It’s our calling to do so but even more than that, you won’t feel fulfilled. It’s easy to sit in the mundane of life and not jump into the excitement of where our passion and drive could take us. This doesn’t mean if you don’t go and run a company or make an album you’re the biggest loser on the street.  So far from that. You may be amazing at encouraging those who are down or bringing meals to families that are struggling. I can’t even cook so no one would want my meals. Ha! The idea is that with that gift, you are blessing others and in return, God will bless the pants off of you. It’s about using your gift to gift someone else. We all have something special that He’s given us so don’t be so quick to compare your gift to someone else’s that may look bigger on the outside. You can have so much impact on someone’s life without anyone even knowing. God sees, the rest of the world doesn’t need too. Remember, digging into your soul and finding what moves you is a gift to yourself and will touch the hearts of those around you.

Take some time and write out the things you love, the things that drive you, what makes your heart jump.  That’s your passion. That’s your gift. Now go out and kick butt with it!

“Finding out our gifts in life is part of our journey to becoming enlightened human beings.”

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