What If?

James 4:14 (CEB)

“You don’t really know about tomorrow.  What is your life? You are a mist that appears for only a short while before it vanishes.”

What if tomorrow wasn’t an option?  How would we live today? How would we treat people?  How would we look at them? Would things matter the same as they do right now? Tough one isn’t it? I was spending time with my close gal pal and after we unloaded about all of our crap in life, she shared a situation that just happened where a loved one she knew was talking with a friend of theirs not 8 hours ago and next thing you know, they found out, they passed away. Well crap, that put everything into perspective. Now listen, I’m not all about guilt.  It’s not like we sat there and were like, well, I guess we should just suck it up and pretend we’ve got no issues. No! What this does is make you take a step back and be like, ok, what’s really important here. 

As I pondered this the rest of the day, I totally kept coming back to this deep emotion I felt years ago. This almost airy yet strong feeling. Like nothing mattered. The flowers looked different.  The world around me was brighter. Grace fell like rain upon every situation. Nothing could touch me or tear at me or hinder me or escape me or knock at me. It was right after I tried to take my life and a second chance was given. Gosh, I wish I could’ve bottled that up and as the years went on, drank a little bit of it as needed.  I totally would’ve shared it with you all, just so you know. I’m nice like that. 

So what do we do with this friends?  You know what we are gonna do? We are gonna live today to it’s complete and utter fullest. We are gonna love deeper.  We are gonna sing louder. We are gonna hug harder (but don’t hurt anyone). We are gonna raise our hands higher in worship.  We are gonna speak kindly about ourselves. We are gonna trust deeper even though it’s scary. We are gonna punch fear in the face as if we wouldn’t have another chance.  We are gonna dance in freedom because you know why? Each day we get a new beginning, we get a new start. That’s a gift. Not everyday will feel like it’s one ha, but we can try and live each day as if it’s our last. 

“Life is a gift, wake up every day and realize that.”

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