Dang Dog

Jeremiah 31:3

‘The Lord appeared to me from ages past saying, “I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with loving kindness I have drawn you and continued My faithfulness to you.’

I was listening to the radio the other day and they had someone email in.  This woman said her husband had given her an ultimatum, either him or the dog.  She’s like, the dog. I’m like, yea the dog! They had a bunch of people call in to answer the question, you can guess what the majority of them said. I’m pretty sure my husband is just too fearful to ask that question. Ha!

There’s something about the unconditional love of a pet. Maybe some of you aren’t all animal lovers out there so you’ll just have to bear with me then. When I was dating my husband, we got a chocolate lab. She was my healthy replacement for cutting. She was such a gift to me.  I could do no wrong in her eyes. Instead of reaching for sharp objects, I turned to her softness and love. She passed away 2 years ago (can’t go there emotionally so let’s move on) and we got a white lab named Ivy. Pure joy and full of love. For us humans, I feel like there’s always conditions no matter if we mean to put them there or not. I mean, it’s reality right? If we say the wrong thing to someone, we get daggers back.  If someone treats us unkindly, we sometimes use harsh words in return. I mean, we ain’t Jesus that’s for sure, which brings me to my point. Aside from our puppies and animals of all kinds, we’ve got unconditional love in Jesus. Truth, I have a difficult time accepting it. Not necessarily because I think I’m such a horrible person, don’t get me wrong, I’ve done some stupid stuff, but more because it’s slightly unfathomable.

We live in such a broken world where emotions are constantly running high.  We get slapped around by hurt feelings and people who walk away. It’s crazy to think that we have this amazing Father that will never treat us like that.  Instead, He is all about filling us up with truth and peace. How often do we sit back and say, I just can’t do it anymore. It’s times like that when my Ivy comes flying up for some serious cuddles.  It’s times like that when my Jesus swoops in. We need to learn to sit in the stillness of His love. We need to allow it to completely wash over us so that when we do go outside of our four walls, we know and can stand in the truth. Truth that no matter what comes at us out there, we ARE loved unconditionally. It’s easy to feel like we can never live up to the love of others or give enough in order to receive that love. With Christ, you don’t have to do a darn thing.  He is freaking crazy about you just the way you are.

Take some time today to really sit in His love.  Hang with Him and allow it to just wash over you.

“The unconditional love of God leads to a life of freedom and transforms each day into a potentially wild adventure.”

2 thoughts on “Dang Dog

  1. I feel like no body knows the real me. Because of certain early people ,I am geared to carrying their load of guilt and shame. My skills became a strong back and a lonely heart. Always there but never seen on the inside. My job was to listen to the hurting and understand, so they wouldn’t be lonely in their pain. I’ve always said ,Oh it’s just okay, I’ll walk it out alone. That’s my calling. Inside I would never hurt anyone but people don’t see the real me, they see what they want. And they all want something and then they don’t need you. So it’s become my place, alone in some things and never fully understood. I know God loves me and I stand on His grace, but knowing Him is individual and that can be lonely.


    1. I see you. God sees you. You are not alone. Thank you for opening up your heart and being brave. Your pain is real and its valid. My prayer for you in this journey is that you find people to surround you with love. That you feel this unbelievable sense of peace and knowing that God is carrying you. You are one of a kind! You are amazing! And I truly believe THAT is the real you!


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